Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. Human rights are universal, which means they apply to everyone.

Human rights education is aimed at developing an understanding of our common responsibility to make human rights a reality in every community and in society at large. In that sense, it contributes to the long-term prevention of human rights abuses and violent conflicts, the promotion of equality and sustainable development and the enhancement of participation in decision-making processes within a democratic system.

Through Amnesty International USA's RightsEducation platform we will make resources and tools accessible to everyone and together we will build knowledge for how to claim these rights as we confront injustices and hold people, systems, and governments accountable to actions that violate these rights.

All Human Rights Academy Courses

In the Line of Fire: Human Rights and the US Gun Violence Crisis

This course is based on the report by Amnesty International: In the Line of Fire: Human Rights and the US Gun Violence Crisis. It will provide you with information, data, and personal stories to enable you to explain why gun violence is a crisis in the United States and equip you with resources to get involved in local and national efforts to end gun violence.

Throughout the course, you are invited to assess and reflect on your own knowledge, engage in learning and research, and take action.

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Use of Force: Policing in the United States

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Define the Use of Force and articulate under which circumstances authorities are allowed to use it
  • Understand how racist and discriminatory ideology have shaped the history of policing in the USA
  • Outline how U.S. police use excessive force and describe how it threatens human rights
  • Take action by organizing and mobilizing your community to support systemic reform of USA policing to end racism and stop human rights violations
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